Reagents for R&D Purposes


First and foremost, Alchemical Research warrants that its products conform to their descriptions and product specifications.

Products are delivered with our OnSpecTM Guarantee.

A great research idea is only as good as its inventor’s ability to examine its merits. While your design of experiment is key, you are not usually focused on validating the quality of the reagents your experiments are built upon. Nonetheless, the quality of these reagents is central to your ability to ask the questions and pursue the research. We understand this, and we work to ensure that our products are a solid foundation for your research program.

The OnSpecTM Guarantee

Our guarantee is built upon a rigorous Quality Control (QC) program spanning product development, stability testing, and quality upon delivery to validate shipping timeframes and packaging. Alchemical Research establishes purity profiles and product specifications utilizing a comprehensive range of analytical techniques tailored to each product. We make it our job to know our reagents, understand their stability and handling requirements, and establish the necessary QC measures to ensure their reliable and sustained delivery to market. Our products are built upon data, processes, and programs. This is how we deliver what we promise to deliver. Trust the OnSpecTM Guarantee as you build your research programs.

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Products are for R&D use only.
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